Thief Dash





Play and win real prizes! We will reward the player with the highest score! As a thief, run over the roofs of the night city and steal anything valuable that you encounter. For all the stolen valuables, you will get money that will make your operation easier. Among the assortment of the virtual shop is a hang-glider, helmet, accelerated start and many other goods that are at your disposal, provided, however, that you steal a sufficient amount of money. If you buy a new figurine, you will be faster, protected from falling objects but also more attractive. You will also gain graphic extras, such as street art or snowing. You may win if you sum individual scores and send them. It only depends on your ability if you will be the winner!


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Screenshot Thief DashScreenshot Thief DashScreenshot Thief DashScreenshot Thief DashThief Dash